Giving every five, six and seven year old in England a free school meal daily. Giving 15 hours free child care to all three and four-year-olds and 40 per cent of two-year-olds.

In Government we have:

• Helped business create over 1.7m jobs

Cutting income tax further for low and middle earners by lifting the point at which you start paying from £10,500 to £12,500 a year, saving 25m people another £500 Balance the overall budget and allow investment in the things present and future generations need.

The North East of England needs more Lib Dem councillors and MPs to deliver a better future for the region. Businesses need the Lib Dems fighting for our economic future within a reformed EU and the single market.

Ian Swales, MP for Redcar, has returned from a very successful trade mission to India where he led a delegation of chemical industry specialists from Teesside and representatives from three of the North Easts' Universities.

India has had an explosion of growth in the chemical industry in the last 10 years, which makes it a great place to build relationships with for both import and export trade. The UK is still the 5th largest manufacturer of chemicals in Europe, but to maintain or improve on this position, trade outside of the EU is essential.

The trip included visits to several chemical plants, which were modern and efficient as well as an all day conference which had the great and the good of the chemical industry from India and the North East UK delegation. Stan Higgins and Ian Swales spoke at this, encouraging everyone to see the importance of stronger relationships between the two nations.

Ian Swales commented: ''It was great to be on such a successful trade mission. It was a well organised event, which meant we were able to have extremely productive and busy days while we were there. I met many people from all across the Chemical Industry and I am sure that we will continue to build on these relationships, some old, some new, now we are back in the UK.''

''I have told my colleagues in Parliament just how good a sector specific trade mission is for relationship building and I hope that we will start to feel the impact in our region soon.''

The countries of the EU believe they have more influence in the world, better trade relations, more power to tackle the environmental and social challenges we all face, a fairer deal for consumers, more opportunties to live and work where we wish, more chance to protect human rights, if we act together.

There are 754 Members of the European Parliament or MEPs. Of those 72 are from the UK. 12 UK MEPs are Liberal Democrats. UK Liberal Democrats MEPs are members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe along with 74 other MEPs from 20 other countries of the European Union.

While anti-European parties UKIP like to pretend that decisions are taken by unelected bureaucrats the truth is rather different. All legislation is institgated at the instruction of elected officials: MEPs and the Ministers of all the member states.

Online success - interview with David Azzato

The well known name in the online industry, credit card processing, online chess gaming and many other businesses gave us a few minutes of his time and put this interview in his already booked schedule. We hoped 15 minutes would be enough, but once we started talking to this incredible business man, we could not stop as time just flew by. David Azzato is also a programmer, market specialist and he knows people, what they want and how to give that to them, which is the main reason why he became who he is today.

We asked: Mr. Azzato what do you think made you so successful? He replied: Please call me David, there is hardly only one thing that can make a person successful, I would rather call it a group of qualities. One of them is hard working for sure, there is no person today that has succeeded without working hard. People think that if they have an idea then investors will come and make their vision true and bring them money and stuff like that. This never happens, you have to work, make your idea true and others will only help you sell it, that is how I started and how many other more successful people than me started their career. Besides hard working, there should also be a certain amount of creativity, because you won't be able to build up your product unless you are creative. The last one I will mention is passion for what you are doing, one needs to love what he or she is doing and to have fun doing it, only then we will be able to use all of our imagination and do the best we can.

You should start working on these things, because the words and advices of David Azzato are not something you should just let pass by. Mr. Azzato does not talk too much about his family, but we managed to get a few answers: We all know that your schedule is quite busy, but is there a time you dedicate to your family or does their turn come only when other jobs are done? - I do not like it when people let me wait, that is why I give my best to never do it to them also. But family comes first, so that if you ever wait for me, that is because I am with my family. We spend time together each day, because I have a working schedule like all my workers, that is just a little busier and faster, sometimes I stay an hour or two more in the office to check everything. When I travel they come with me, because I don't want them away from me. You need to make things work because having one and not having another thing in life would be like having a huge hole that you can never fill with only that one thing you have. And I always keep reminding myself of that, because we all are forgettable creatures and we need to make ourselves go forward in order to keep things flowing. My beautiful wife and children are very supportive and they want, for some reason, always to hear what happened today on work and what I am working on, the youngest one especially.

It is great to have a healthy family life and to be able to work and spread the word at the same time. David Azzato does not only want to put his products on the market, he wants to change how things go on the internet and here is how he wants to do that: Your online success is huge, but we guess there is a mission behind it - what is it exactly and what do you want to achieve? - Well, it is not huge, and I still see it as a developing project, that needs much more work to be done, but I am proud of my team at the same time because of what they have done and how they love to work on this project together with me. We don't want to keep the tradition of internet being only used as a medium, we want to use it as a tool and create a whole new world. We also want to make the things that are already there, like online gaming and credit card processing, easier and available to much more people than they are today.

We wanted to know what David Azzato likes the most: What is the favorite project you are doing online? - Oh, that is hard one, but I think it is the chess gaming world, our portal and mobile app. We all developed these stuff with huge passion and we spent a lot of time thinking about the best solutions and testing them. All that grew to my heart and since I love chess I could not just leave it like that, so we kept going and did all what we did. New things are also coming, and you are the first ones to hear about it, but I cannot tell you yet what it is.

We bet it is something good, what else could we expect from David Azzato and his team. Our 15 minutes were gone but we got to ask one more question. Do you have any plans on spreading your empire or on taking new things and businesses? - Not for now, we are considering one project, but it often happens that we don't take it. That is because we will work on something only when we are sure that we can make it much better than others and bring something new to it, if there is no space for something like that, then we just leave it for another time. For now, besides considering that one project, which we will start working on, if everything goes well, on the start of the next year, there is no new projects we are working on. But you can soon expect something new in the chess gaming world.

We hope that David Azzato and his team will continue creating and doing the good stuff because we cannot get enough of that and the world needs better things, so we hold our fingers crossed and we are running the countdown.